What is your automotive goal? Are you using an advisor?


According to dictionary.com, the definition of adviser is: One that advises, such as a person or firm that offers official or professional advice to clients. Working with an advisor to define your goal or expectation is essential for quality service. When we need financial advice we turn to a financial advisor, when we need health advice we seek out a health professional advisor, and it is no different in the automotive business especially with the costs related to today’s high-tech vehicles. The professional service advisors here at EAS understand that automotive goals can be very diverse: are you leasing the vehicle, putting on 30k miles a year, want to just keep it safe, interested in retaining the original factory performance throughout your ownership, or planning on handing it down to your kids? Situations and interests vary and so should the advice, which is why we call it personalized service. Each time the vehicle is in for service it receives a complimentary 50-point check to keep you informed and to help the advisor give you the professional advice that best suits your needs.



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