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Will servicing my vehicle with you void my warranty?

Will servicing my vehicle with you void my warranty?

This is a question I often get asked and the basic answer to that is no it will not. First let’s be clear, we are an independent repair facility that specializes in Mercedes-Benz and are no way affiliated with Mercedes-Benz or Daimler AG. As such we cannot perform any warranty work but we can perform any maintenance work that you need to pay out of pocket for such as A through G services, brakes, wipers, and tires. Maintenance on newer models is one of fastest growing segments of our business. As long as you have an electronically created invoice for the work, the work was done according to the maintenance schedule, and was done with factory parts then your warranty stays intact. The work done here at E.A.S. satisfies all those requirements. We are very experienced, up to date with training, believe in the use of factory parts, and will save you money.

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Ed Owen
Service Director/Partner