“How often should I have my oil changed? How much will an oil change cost me?”


It is our recommendation that your oil be changed every 3,000 miles for traditional oil, and every 5,000 miles for synthetic oil. If you frequently take short trips through city traffic, travel in dusty conditions, or drive on highways during hot weather, you are considered a “severe driver” and should have your oil changed more often. 

Did you know that when we pour a fresh container of oil into your vehicle, it is actually golden in color and fragrant-free? By the time we change your oil, it h
as turned black and does NOT have a pleasant smell. The oil is used to rid your car’s engine of contaminants… small particles of dirt, pieces of metal, etc. are all picked up while driving, and the oil carries these impurities to the filter in order to drain them from the engine. (The filter works very hard to separate these foreign particles, but some still travel an infiltrate engine bearings and cylinder walls).
Here at European Auto Solutions, we have unique way of performing oil changes; we tilt your car! The oil pan plug (the screw on the bottom of the pan containing the oil) is angled to the side of the pan (which rests below the engine). We tilt the car in order to pour more oil out of the pan and clear more of the contaminants. It may take a few minutes longer to complete, but the benefits of this technique are undeniable. 
The oil works to protect your engine, which saves you the cost of engine repairs/replacements, increases your fuel economy, and reduces emissions. 
For a Mercedes-Benz vehicle, oil changes (using Mobil One Syntehtic Oil and factory fitlers) are included in an “A-Service,” which also involves a 50-point checkover, and a complimentary alignment check (with a printout that makes all information available for youto take home). On later BMW’s, it includes changing the oil with a BMW-specific oil and factory filter, a 50-point checkover, and a complimentary alignment (and a printout). 
To schedule your oil change, give us a call today! 

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